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Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World 2023

The constant competition to create the world’s tallest buildings is one facet of the limitless, ever-changing field of architecture that never ceases to amaze and astonish us. These magnificent buildings are examples of how far the boundaries of human creativity and technological achievement may be pushed.

From the desert-piercing Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the beautiful Shanghai Tower above a bustling city, these manmade structures never cease to amaze us with their ingenuity and scale. As we climb to the top of these skyscrapers, we get a bird’s-eye view of the brilliant synthesis of forward-thinking architecture, state-of-the-art engineering, and bold creativity. Each structure on our list exemplifies the boldness of the human spirit by doing something no one thought feasible at the time and permanently altering the face of these cities.

Join us on an exciting adventure as we visit some of the Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World 2023, where staggering heights meet stunning architecture and the clouds become a canvas for our dreams.

NOTE: Due to the ever-increasing heights of buildings, the above information may become outdated quickly. Please be aware that the information below is accurate only as of May 24, 2023, since it was last updated at that time.

Below Is the list of the Top 10 World Tallest Building 2023

11. Taipei 101 – Taiwan

TAIPEI 101 Image by Pexels, Tallest building

Height: 509 meters / 1,670 feet

Floor count: 101

Year built: 2004

After its completion in 2004, Taiwan’s Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world for the following five years. Despite being the first structure to reach heights of more than 500 meters, it ranks among the most technologically sophisticated of the skyscrapers we’ve researched. It has the highest accreditation in Energy and Environmental Design and mixes a classic Taiwanese pagoda style with cutting-edge ecologically friendly architecture.

The building is not only very tall but also among the most sturdy structures ever constructed. A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan in 2002, disrupting work and knocking a crane off the roof. While five lives were lost, the building’s structural integrity was unaffected since it was supported by hundreds of steel piles that sunk more than 250 feet into the bedrock. Typhoon gusts of up to 135 mph are no match for Taipei 101, which was built with flexible steel and innovative tremor-dampening characteristics to endure even the strongest earthquakes in this seismically active area.

10. China Zun – China

China Zun CITIC Tower - Beijing Photo by zhang kaiyv, Tallest building

Height: 528 meters / 1,732 feet

Floor count: 108

Year built: 2018

In 2018, construction wrapped up on China Zun in Beijing. When it was finished, its 1,667-foot height made it the ninth-tallest building in the world. The CITIC Tower is a colossal building in Beijing’s financial area. This structure serves as the nerve center of Beijing’s CBD. The building gets its interesting name and shape from the zun, an old Chinese ceremonial cup used to sip wine. The Zun is broad at the top and the bottom and narrow in the center. It’s also known as the CITIC Tower since the CITIC Group developed it. Before Beijing’s height limitations, this structure was the tallest ever constructed there.

09. Tianjin CTF Finance Center – China 

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre Photo by Yang Shuo, Tallest building

Height: 530 meters / 1,740 feet

Floor count: 97

Year built: 2019

The CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou and its sister skyscraper in Tianjin share the distinction of being the eighth-tallest building in the world. Both buildings reach a height of 1,740 feet. This Chow Tai Fook (CTF) skyscraper was finally finished in 2019. In 2013, work started on its development. There are a total of 97 levels (including 4 below) in the building, and they are all used for different things. A forceful monolithic statement on the skyline is presented while undulating curves quietly convey three programmatic aspects in the design of the Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Binhai Centre.

There will be offices, 300 service apartments, and a five-star hotel with 350 rooms in the 530-meter-tall building. Located in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), the tower will serve as a prominent new landmark for the city of Tianjin. The eight sloping columns that add to the building’s rigidity in response to seismic concerns are hidden behind the principal bends of the elevation’s glass surface. The tower’s aerodynamic form and the careful placement of multi-story wind vents significantly decrease vortex shedding and accompanying wind forces.

08. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center – China 

 Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre Photo by Irina Iriser, Tallest building

Height: 530 meters / 1739 feet

Floor count: 111

Year built: 2016

The CTF Finance Centre is a mixed-use skyscraper in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou that was completed in October 2016. It rises to a height of 1,740 feet and has a hotel, office space, and a retail center. One of the world’s fastest lifts, traveling at 71 km/h (44.7 mi/h), may be found at Guangzhou’s CTF Finance Centre. The tower’s layout is based on an effective amalgamation of its many functions. Four significant transitions—from office to residential, from residential to hotel, from hotel to crown, and from crown to sky—inform its shape.

The tower steps back at four angled parapets rather than tapers to suit the smaller floor plates necessary for various programs. The stunning skylights and verdant sky terraces are made possible by the four recesses. High-efficiency chillers and heat recovery from water-cooled chiller condensers are only two of the many energy-efficient technologies used in the building to lessen its impact on the environment.

07. One World Trade Center – U.S.A

One World Trade Center Photo by Lucas Franco, Tallest building

Height: 541 meters / 1,776 feet

Floor count: 104

Year built: 2014

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in New York City, the United States, and the whole Western Hemisphere at 1,780 feet and 104 floors. In 2014, construction was finally finished. The first North Tower of the World Trade Centre inspired its moniker. In honor of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the memorial edifice One World Trade Centre was constructed.

The building has received high marks for its innovative use of green technology, such as its collection and reuse of rainwater. The Freedom Tower, also known as One World Trade Centre, can be found in the heart of Downtown Manhattan’s thriving financial area. The building of the tower began in 2006 and was completed in 2014, at a cost of $4 billion USD. It is without a doubt one of the largest, most geographically constrained, and most safety-critical projects ever constructed in the Western Hemisphere.

06. Lotte Tower – South Korea 

Lotte World Tower Photo by 성두 홍, Tallest building

Height: 555 meters / 1,819 feet

Floor count: 123

Year built: 2016

Seoul, South Korea is home to the Lotte World Tower. It is the world’s fifth-tallest building, at 1,823 feet. In March 2016, construction was finally finished on the building. The building of the Lotte World Tower, which started in March 2011, was preceded by thirteen years of planning. There are a total of 123 stories in the structure, including six below ground. In the event of an earthquake measuring up to a 9 on the Richter scale, the Lotte World Tower’s roof will remain intact. The Lotte World Tower is regarded as a masterpiece of Korean architecture. The 123-story skyscraper takes its inspiration from the geometric patterns seen in traditional Korean pottery and calligraphy.

The tower stands out against the city’s hilly backdrop with its slender, tapered form as it rises. The tower’s inside has a broad range of different sorts of programming, from retail to offices to a five-star hotel to an “officiate.” Officiates, a kind of workplace housing common in Korea, provide studio flats with hotel-like amenities including a front desk and a gym to the building’s workers. In addition, there is Asia’s biggest cinema, the Avenue retail mall, the greatest urban aquarium in Korea, a superb classical music theatre, and more.

05. Ping An Finance Center– China

Ping An Finance Center Photo by Robert Bye, Tallest building

Height: 599 meters / 1,965 feet

Floor count: 115

Year built: 2016

Shenzhen, China is home to the 1,820-foot-tall Ping An International Finance Centre. It ranks as the world’s fourth-tallest building. The structure was finished in 2017 after construction reached its pinnacle in 2015. There are a number of high-end stores, a hotel, and a convention center in the Ping An International Finance Centre. The Ping An Insurance headquarters are located there as well. To reach its lofty 115 stories, the skyscraper has an amazing 33 double-decker elevators.

Ping An is the geographic and symbolic heart of Shenzhen’s burgeoning CBD. The chevron-shaped stone verticals that rise from the base of the stone and glass tower cover all four of the building’s faces. The latter has a vast amphitheater-like area formed by five stories of retail stores that slope out from the tower. The building’s open, skylit atrium acts as a public foyer and has retail, dining, and social areas on its ground floor. Originally, a 60 m (197 ft) antenna was going to be added to the building’s peak so that it would be taller than the Shanghai Tower (see below), but this idea was scrapped because it may potentially interfere with flight patterns.

04. Makkah Royal Clock Tower – Saudi Arabia

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower Photo by Fiaz Mohammed, Tallest building

Height: 601 meters / 1,971 feet

Floor count: 120

Year built: 2012

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia is the world’s third-tallest building. It is also known as the Abraj Al-Bait of Mecca. Its elevation is 1,972 feet, and it is situated right close to the Great Mosque of Mecca, the biggest and holiest mosque in Islam. The government-owned project includes a 120-story hotel, a conference center, an Islamic museum, and a prayer hall that can accommodate 10,000 worshippers. There’s also a Lunar Observation Centre for gazing at the moon during the Holy Month and a five-story retail complex within.

The Saudi Binladin Group, the country’s biggest construction company, built Abraj Al-Bait. The Makkah Royal Clock Tower has the world’s biggest clock face. With a total construction cost of $15 billion USD, it is the most costly structure ever built. Nighttime illumination by two million LEDs makes the clock faces visible from more than 15 miles distant on clear nights, which is pretty much every night in Saudi Arabia.

03. Shanghai Tower – China

Shanghai Tower Photo by Zhou Xian, Tallest building

Height: 632 meters / 2,073 feet

Floor count: 128

Year built: 2015

With 121 stories and a height of 2,070 feet, the Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the second-tallest building in the world. Shanghai Tower took a total of eight years to build, starting in 2006. The American architectural firm Gensler was responsible for the design of this structure. The building’s original use was as a hotel and office space. There are now 320 hotel rooms and 1,100 parking spots available at the Shanghai Tower. Guests may take in breathtaking views of Shanghai’s Pudong neighborhood from the building’s rooftop observation deck. Its viewing deck is the highest of its kind anywhere.

The skyscraper is a striking addition to Shanghai’s skyline, rising in a curving, spiraling shape that represents China’s rapid climb to modernity. Its nine floors are separated into three distinct vertical zones: business, shopping, and entertainment. The Shanghai Tower is one of the most environmentally friendly skyscrapers because of its translucent exterior, which acts as a thermal insulator in the winter by warming the cold air from the outside and a heat sink in the summer by radiating heat away from the building’s interior.

02. Merdeka 118 – Malaysia

Height: 678.9 meters / 2,227 feet

Floor count: 118

Year built: 2022

The Merdeka 118 Building is a brand new Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia high-rise. It stands at an impressive 680 meters (2,227 feet) tall, making it the world’s second-tallest building in the world. The building’s development began in November 2017 and is scheduled to be finished in 2023. The newest skyscraper has surpassed the previous record holder for height. The building’s architecture has both square and diamond-shaped panes of glass.

The Merdeka 118 complex includes commercial space, residential units, and a hotel. An observation deck with panoramic views of the city is included. The building’s stunning and distinctive look is based on the ancient Malay skill of batik.

01. Burj Khalifa – Dubai 

Burj Khalifa Photo by David Rodrigoa, Tallest building

Height: 828 meters / 2,717 feet

Floor count: 163

Year built: 2010

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai stands at an impressive 2,717 feet tall which makes it the tallest building in the world. Its elevation is 828 meters (2,720 ft). The same architects that created the Willis Tower in Chicago and One World Trade Centre in New York City also oversaw the construction of this mostly steel and concrete skyscraper. The government of the United Arab Emirates commissioned the building’s construction in 2010 as part of a plan to diversify the country’s economy away from its reliance on oil.

There are around 30,000 people living in the Burj Khalifa’s 19 residential towers, 9 hotels, and 1 million square foot commercial and entertainment complex. The tower’s geometry is based on the symmetry of a local desert flower, while the tower’s patterning is derived from Islamic design principles. Setbacks occur in an upward spiraling pattern as the tower rises from a Y-shaped tripartite foundation, lowering the building’s bulk as it climbs higher.

Here is the table for the Top 10 tallest building in the world 2023:

RankBuilding NameHeight (Meter)
1Burj Khalifa828 meters
2Merdeka 118678.9 meters
3Shanghai Tower632 meters
4Makkah Royal Clock Tower601 meters
5Ping An Finance Center599 meters
6Lotte Tower555 meters
7One World Trade Center541 meters
8Guangzhou CTF Finance Center530 meters
9Tianjin CTF Finance Center530 meters
10China Zun528 meters
Top 10 tallest building in the world 2023

Our journey through the world tallest buildings has brought us to a place of profound wonder at the astounding results of human ingenuity, foresight, and technical proficiency. These buildings represent our yearning as a species to attain new heights and become one with the heavens. Every structure on this list, from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the Shanghai Tower in China, is a testament to the incredible achievements of humanity and the never-ending pursuit of architectural perfection.

The quest to create these architectural wonders has resulted in not only the transformation of cityscapes, but also the creation of enduring monuments, cultural emblems, and symbols of progress. They remind us that everything is possible if we put our minds to it, use our imaginations, and never give up on our dreams. With an eye toward the future, we await the next crop of skyscrapers with great anticipation, knowing that they will further transform our urban landscapes and test the boundaries of architectural creativity.


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